MATAR is an innovation brand that uses fashion as a medium to tell the narrative of each passing season.

This globally inspired collection of ready-to-wear and fine jewelry is leading the edge of luxury, juxtaposing the finest textiles, techniques and technologies from ancient civilizations with the most modern futuristic materials and finishes the world has to offer.

Having earned distinction internationally, MATAR is incorporated in Bahrain, London and Delaware with it’s headquarters and production soon to be based in NYC.

Fusing the exploration and wisdom of the lost civilizations with the interpretation of the future, we are forecasting the next 100 years while highlighting the past to further  expand MATAR globally.  

The constant evolution of the brand, and rich untapped history provides MATAR with boundless material to be inspired by and continues to be true to the brand’s foremost ethos. By reinterpreting the pillars of multi-cultural artisanal techniques, unearthing fascinating history and depth of knowledge combined with essential design features, we are deepening the world’s understanding and growing a sustainable global fashion brand.  

MATAR collections are intricately woven landscapes that have captivated the fashion world. Dynamic textures and courageous use of color offer a sense of fearlessness that is bold yet highly feminine. Seductive, and daring, refined, regal and edgy: MATAR is a delicate balance of seeming contradictions that bear the integrity of it’s soul with meticulous sartorial execution.

We are in the most radical period of change our world has ever seen making innovation vital in the global marketplace. Technology and the creative process are paramount in our rapidly changing world.  All industries are groping to find the best ways to create products elevated enough to be relevant tomorrow. It is no secret that the consumer world has become dependent, truly inseparable from their personal technology devices. The exponential growth of technology in the world has created the perfect moment for the tech-based fashion products we are determined to bring to market.

This season MATAR is exploring the integration of Wearable Technology. The developments featured in the collection will further solidify MATAR’S place in the modern global market.  As society leaps into the future where functional fashion meeting form becomes the new foundation of the luxury market, MATAR will create an exquisite blend of technology and artistry turning cross-platform interactive communication devices, and data storage into high tech smart jewels and textiles.

Combining connectivity with style these futuristic and invisible applications will include but not be limited to, conductive textiles and wicking fabrics, wireless storage up to 32GB that uses Bluetooth technology for data transfer, bluetooth headsets for playback control on-media devices, and invisible stereo headphones for music appreciation.

MATAR is an environmentally conscious company.  Sustainability is a crucial issue in our world today.  The industrial and consumer age has brought mother nature to her knees with drained natural resources and animals near extinction. Immediate innovative solutions are needed to aggressively counteract the strain we have put on our natural resources.  Nature is beauty and all that is truly beautiful comes from nature.  We as a company aim to be pioneers in the fashion and technology industries by employing and developing new methods and materials to produce our products thereby influencing and leading through example to insight change and actively working to sustain to our world.