MATAR has been invited to launch the debut jewelry collection for an exhibition for Italian Vogue’s US Protagonists’ Campaign in September. The US Protagonists is Vogue Italia + Vogue Gioiello’s unique selection of up-and-coming US contemporary designers shaking the international fine jewelry scene – a veritable “who’s who” of renegade artists. The campaign’s initiative showcases the very best of American design genius, and introduces readers to the next generation of couture bijoux trailblazers.


As fine jewelry relies on the riches of earth, Vogue Gioiello will partner with Let Elephants Be Elephants to encourage participating designers to use Nut Ivory from the Tagua Palm: an inexpensive, high quality, natural substitute for Elephant Ivory. Sadly, elephants are rapidly approaching extinction due to consistently high demand for their ivory across many industries, including jewelry production.  


MATAR’s debut Jewelry Collection, ‘Futuristic Antiquities’ ethos is a dichotomy of ancient Arab tribal elements with organic modern details.  We are pushing the envelope with innovative uses for Natural Pearls from the Designer’s native land, Bahrain, Resin, Gold, Silver, Ebony, and the new substitute for Ivory, The Tagua Nut. This collection is redefining what a statement piece means. The pieces themselves will be used as a venue to reveal hidden messages within the organic shapes and innovative techniques of how to find them within the layers of the region’s rich history and the mystery of the future.
The inspiration for the natural pearls integrated into the SS18 Collection begins with the Designer’s family ancestry and the history of commerce in Bahrain.  Hind’s Great Grandfather, Salman Matar was  one of the leading natural pearl trade merchants from the Middle East that supplied most of the leading Jewelers in the world such as Cartier and Boucheron. The business was passed on to his son, the Designer’s Grandfather, Ahmed Matar, who perpetuated the family legacy and supplied natural Bahraini pearls internationally to the finest jewelers in the  world.